Fitivity Football Training App Reviews

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Workouts don't work

Screw this app! I liked it for a while, but now my workouts don't work! I wasted money on this stupid thing

Bad update

Alter this last update, the gifts showing de exercises don't upload anymore. It would be a really nice update if it wasn't for this little and boring problem


To all the people who are saying it gets stuck on the loading screen, here's how to get rid of it (or at least how I did) All I did was go to settings and set my phone to where it will not shut off automatically, then I let my phone charge over night while on the app. By the time you wake up, everything should be ready to go. All of the workouts are helpful and you'll never have the loading problem again.

Very Bad

Every time I try to open it, it's stuck on loading

Freezes doesn't work

I hate it it doesn't work

Needs improvement

This app is really cool it's helping me a lot but it crashes when I click im done with workout its needs to be updated


Ever since the update my app crashes


this app is amazing i never played football before and once i found out about this app, i had better speed, agility, hands, and footwork i scored two tds everygame and the whole season i had 30 touchdowns. i even won mvp. this app is really worth it and yu dont even need to buy the premium workouts


For some dumb reason it doesn't have position specific training

Awesome app

Sweet linebacker workout great app

Football Star

This app helped me be the captain for my highschool and it was my first year but after doing this I became the star of my team and I'm offer for college football

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